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Salem Aleikum, the friendly greeting of the Arabic culture and name of a photographic series containing 22 Photos of Moroccan men, taken along the dusty and endless roads of Morocco.

In march 2017 the two german photographers Felix Will and Stephan Ortmanns set out for a roadtrip around Morocco to explore the country and capture portraits of the people who live there. Each portrait of these men is a blend of coincidences as the photographers met the people along the roads they travelled. Over the mountain pass of the Atlas, trough the Gorges of Todra and Dades to the Sahara and the Coastroads along the Atlantic Ocean.

In the end every individual has his unique Story to tell as colorful and versatile as the Kingdom of Morocco itself. 

We are proud to announce that “Salem Aleikum” was shortlisted for “Best Emerging Photographer” in the international Felix Schöller Award 2017.

  • Date

    März 1, 2017

  • Skills

    Concept, Photography, Post Production

  • Client

    Personal Work

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